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Oh my word - what a season!

Helen's Bay U18 & U14 Junior Boys Successful League Match Season
Congratulations to our U18 boys team who are the Winners of Division 4. The team players were Jack (who distinguished himself by winning all his matches), Cameron, Dylan and William, aided by Ben and Louis when the GCSE schedule got in the way. They had some tough matches to tie at the top of the League with Lurgan. A play-off ensued which ended in a draw. However, when the games were counted Helen's Bay had won by 36 games to 30. 
The U14 boys squad of Ben, Jake, Tim, Rory, Nathan, Louis and Leo, all played matches in Division 3 having moved up two divisions from last year. They had some excellent matches and did extremely well to end as the Runners-up in the division.
Both teams entered the Challenge Trophy Cup for their divisions versus Hilden (U14s) and Portadown (U18s) with Ben playing heroically in both matches.
Very well done to both teams and a big thank you to the parents who drove the teams to the various matches.

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U18 Boys have the competition licked!

HBTC U18 boys celebrating a good win after a close match on a hot day!

American Tournament Saturday 5th May

Following a very successful Open Day, HBTC are delighted to announce that we are holding an American Tournament on Saturday 5 May (2-4pm).

Just the Formula

Helen's Bay TC held a very successful handicapped tournament on 5th May, which included several new club members. Everyone played three or four mini matches with different partners and then somehow, thanks to a complicated mathematical formula, Cameron emerged the worthy winner. Thanks to everyone who came, enjoyed the tennis, the weather and the tea.



Boys U14 and U18 squads roll on

Our junior U18 and U14 boys teams have begun their matches successfully. The U14 boys are in a higher division this year having won their division last year. The photo shows some of the U14 squad with their trophy. We wish both teams good luck for their matches in 2018.



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