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Family Trophy and Barbecue 2009

Claps and roars echoed around the court and the audience burst into applause as the Family Trophy was played for amid tumultuous weather. The 2-day event had started with 15 parent and child partnerships in 3 groups and this highly enjoyable afternoon saw the top 8 players progressing through to the semi-finals. Congratulations went to Uel and Jake, Lucy and Jack, Stephen and Adam and Belinda and David who lived to play another day. Refreshments served throughout the afternoon and profits for the entry fees helped raise at least £80 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Semi Finalists

Unfortunately the bad weather also accompanied us through to Sunday and the semi’s and Final had to be played in short breaks between rain and thunder after, rather than before, the barbecue. Neither was it good weather for a BBQ which, undaunted, we still went ahead with, Helen’s Bay Tennis Club veterans being used to lighting barbeques in such conditions. Many thanks must go of course to the people who organized the BBQ and helped set up coverings to keep the event above water. The semi-finals were tough, close matches which amazingly finished simultaneously, with Belinda and David only losing in the tie-break. When the finals of the Family trophy could at last be played Uel and Jake McKibben took to the court with rivals Stephen and Adam Leach the sun was almost out, although this didn’t last very long and the match had to break for rain. The tennis, however, was every bit as exciting as the weather and extremely close with the best ever final of the competition requiring a tie-break (which went to 10-8) to sort out the two pairings, eventually being won by Uel and Jake 6-5.


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