In line with Tennis Ireland’s document Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Tennis, Helen’s Bay Tennis Club have adopted the following policies and forms. The contact details for the Club’s Designated Liaison Person and the Children’s Officers can be found in Appendix 9 below.

1. Legislation

2. HBTC Risk  Assessment and Safeguarding Statement 2021

3. Safeguarding Audit Framework

4. Safe Recruitment Policy, with Coach's Code of Conduct

5. Safeguarding training

6. Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in sport

7. Reporting and Protection Policy

8. Disciplinary, Complaints and Appeals of Code of Behaviour breaches

9. HBTC Safeguarding Guidance

10. Codes of Conduct

11. Additional forms

12. Missing Child Policy

13. Comms Policy

14. Filming and Photography Policy

15. Anti-bullying Policy

16. Away Matches Policy

17. Supervision Policy

18. HBTC Use of ICT Policy for signature